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Join an amazing team this summer

“I made lifelong friendships, and always went home feeling closer to The Lord. We were often commended for giving of our time as counsellors, but I always came away with more than I’d given!” ~ Bobbie-Jo, former counsellor

“God used this camp as a place of refuge for me. It is where I would draw closest to God away from the struggles of everyday life. I would find myself renewed and brought back into a deeper relationship with Christ here. It allowed me to seek and see God especially through his creation without worldly distractions. I now watch my own children enjoy camp and serve the Lord through camp ministry and grow closer and deeper in their relationship with him. The Camp withdrawal is real when we head back home!” ~ Leisha, former counsellor/current Food-Services Director

“I gained leadership skills at Mishewah, and most importantly I learned that through teamwork we can accomplish great things.  I have applied the leadership and teamwork to building affordable housing with families in need.” ~ Fiona, former counsellor/kitchen staff

“I can honestly say that the camaraderie with other staff was second to none. These were relationship-building times for me, and so many opportunities for sharing both laughter and tears.”  ~ Karen, former waterfront staff

“As a camp Counsellor, I was introduced to and able to practice skills such as leadership, teamwork and patience!  These 10 years of Counselling allowed me to progress in my social work career today.” ~ Miriam, former counsellor


Come join an incredible group of staff and counsellors this summer.  You will learn to work as a team, grow in your faith, show love to all kinds of people through serving them, and form friendships to last a lifetime.


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